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Microsoft Word - Document5 is committed to give the best value and solution to our customer filtration needs. Our Filtration’s solutions spans from both gas and liquid filtration and separation applications. With the wide ranges of Gas and Liquid boosters, the Compressed Air System and Nitrogen Gas Generators can be incorporated to become a gas cylinder filling station and various high pressure applications.

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As new technology emerges, it is a continuous challenge to provide the industries the latest and best filtration solution. Industries nowadays also demanded solutions and technology that can prolong and protect their investment as well at to maximize process line and reduce overall operational cost. Decaeum will work hand in hand to achieve these objectives.

At Microsoft Word - Document5 , we offer the wide ranges of Filtrations needs, gas and liquid boosters in Refineries, Marine, Power Plants, Petro Chemicals, Mining, Pulp & Papers, Steel Mills, Aerospace, Heavy Equipment, Buildings Services and General Industries.

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  1. Pneumatic / Air driven liquid pump/gas booster/amplifier systems.
  2. Hydrostatic high pressure tester for BOP Stacks, choke and kill lines, Christmas trees, valves, pipelines, hoses, cylinders, pressure vessels and components, valve actuation and any other type equipment requiring high-pressure static testing.

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Turbine Flowmeters Flowmetrics Asia

HII Flowmetrics Inc., a HII Company, is a leading manufacturer of in-line and insertion turbine flowmeter, rotameter, and associated flow computers. For more than 35 years, Flowmetrics has been recognized for superior flow measuring products/services and specialized fluid flow systems. Nitrogen, Helium, Oxygen Gas Cylinder Filling Station In-line and insertion turbine flowmeter, rotameter and associated flow computers for liquid and gas. High-pressure valves and components.

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  1. NormaConnect FGR, DSS and PSS Pipe Couplings and Clamps.
  2. Pipe Clamps for Shipbuilding, Offshore Platforms Accommodation, Water Management, Building Construction, Sanitary, Oil & Gas Pipelines
  3. Certification clamps that includes approval from ABS, DNV, Lloyds Register, NSF, BV

NormaConnect Clamps



  1. Nitrogen Gas Generator. PSA and Membrane. Sales and Rental.
  2. Hydrocarbon and Diesel Fuel Particulate and Water Filtration.
  3. Hydraulic Oil and Lubrication Filtration
  4. Sea Water and Oil Automatic Filters.
  5. Stainless Steel Wire Mesh and Sintered Filters.
  6. Fuel and Gas Condensate and CNG Coalescing Filtration.
  7. Oil and Gas Condition Monitoring Products
  8. Oil Purification Offline and Online Products



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